Lampara Lighting Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting and energy solutions. Lampara Lighting is a member of the Emcel group, an established business enterprise in Africa for over 20 years. We are focused on creating the best technology solutions and the environment to deliver to those that need them.

Quality and customer satisfaction are very important to us at Lampara Lighting, as a result we work closely with our foreign and domestic partners to ensure adequate attention is paid to product testing, quality assessment and control, regular investment on research and development to constantly engineer better  ways to deliver to our market.

Lampara offers an impressive product portfolio, ranging from indoor lights to outdoor lights and industrial and electrical lighting components. Building on our innovative and advanced structure, Lampara Lighting is fast growing to set the pace in the design and production of commercial lighting, residential lighting and architectural lighting suitable for all purposes and environment.

Lampara offers long term energy efficient, warm and friendly lighting solutions that are easy to install with low maintenance cost.


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