About Univasconet Ltd.

Univasconet is an International Platform Company launched in 2022, with it’s registered office and affiliates in Nigeria, India and United Kingdom. It provides a Global Platform for Credible Business owners, Brands, Prospective Clients and Investors . A platform focused on Connecting People, Creating Economic Opportunities and Sustainable Business atmosphere around the Globe.

Our technology empowers our service users, providing everyone the opportunity to unite and grow, no matter who they are or where they are in the world. The ripple effect of our service creates economic sustainability and credibility for everyone, our company, our communities and our planet at large. At Univasconet, we create longterm relationships and pathways to connect millions of product and service providers with their target customers around the world.

Univasconet offers a global view of many industries and aids millions of people to make prompt decision on their purchases. Post Covid Pandemic has re-programmed our way of life and everyone wants more convenient ways of finding solutions to their problems. We have put together a pool of credible, registered businesses and service providers for perusal, where they can also link their respective business websites and social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook etc on Univasconet Platform for easy navigation and access by their potential clients

Our Focus:

Univasconet Ltd will position all business sectors on the global map and facilitate visibility of same, to foreign investors; fostering patronage and growth of those international/local businesses listed on the platform. Hence generating more revenue for the business, increasing their stock value and overall country’s GDP. It gives/provides insightful information’s across many industries, providing a bird’s eye view of every sector of interest. It is pertinent to investors to see across board, what the future holds for their investment. Univasconet will provide the necessary advisory information to aid their decision.


Mission Statement:

– To be an International Platform for Unity and Economic Growth of our community.

– To connect different industries and their product/service users to the rest of the world through positive use of technology.

– To be an International Platform that different Business Sectors, Products/Service Users and the Community can trust and rely on.

Vision Statement:

– To be the world leading International Platform that unite and connect various industry sectors with their product and service users around the globe through positive application of technology.


– Quality

– Authenticity

– Trust

– Credibility

– Reliability