Duke Hall School was established in September 2011 with the sole aim of providing foundation education at an exceptionally high standard from the cradle to post primary stage.

We believe that providing education from the foundation level on a well thought out structure and philosophy will give both students and parents the enabling environment to realize their dreams of having quality education within the confines of Duke Hall thereby eliminating the desire to search for education elsewhere. Our approach is comprehensive, combining the Montessori system of education as well as other modern child learning techniques. All these are delivered by well trained and qualified teachers and in a most conducive learning environment.

Duke Hall School’s true age is derived from the collective minds behind the project. The school is a private initiative that is entirely self supporting. There is the Board of Governors which provides the strategic guidance for the school and oversees the works of the school management.

Our history is formed by the modest achievements we have made in a short time and the expectation of greater things to come.