SplashWorld Water Park is West Africa’s First Water Park. SplashWorld Water Park sits on a 15-acre land in Ikogosi-Ekiti, Nigeria and presents a wonderful and exciting experience to lovers of nature. A combination of mountains, tropical forests, and natural sceneries creates the serenity that outdoor lovers would enjoy. As the first waterpark in West Africa, SplashWorld offers the best of the tropics in hospitality, entertainment, leisure, food, and drinks. From the spicy thrills of the locals, to the appetizing finger licking bites of the Orientals, the hot international grills of the west, and the virgin cocktails of the south, SplashWorld has all that local and international tourists will enjoy. SplashWorld Water Parks displays the intriguing view of mighty mountains covered in natural vegetation with Lazy Rivers, Water Slides, Water Rides, raining Mushrooms, Children’s Water Playhouse in a quiet setting. SplashWorld is on the outskirts of five (5) major States in Nigeria: Kogi, Edo, Oyo, Osun, and Ondo. SplashWorld is a 3-4 hour drive from Nigeria’s largest cities, Lagos & Ibadan, a 45-minute flight from Lagos, Abuja, and Ghana to the nearest airport at Akure.

A visit to SplashWorld Water Park will leave you with pleasant memories of fun, adventure, and panting for more. We offer you a complete experience that is unique with great features and facilities. Book your next vacation…. Today.