Established in 1984, China Vanke Co., Ltd. has evolved into a prominent city and town developer in China. Over 30 years, it has solidified its presence in key economic circles and Midwest China. Debuting on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2016 at 356th, it consistently climbed the ranks, holding positions at 307th, 332nd, 254th, and 208th. In 2014, the company shifted from providing “good houses, good services, good community” to an “integrated city service provider” and in 2018, upgraded to a “city and town developer and service provider.” With Shenzhen Metro Group as the largest shareholder since 2017, Vanke prioritizes a mixed ownership structure, integrated city services, and the “Railway + Property” model. Upholding a commitment to quality, Vanke extends beyond residential development to commercial ventures, logistics, education, and more, aiming to fulfill diverse lifestyle needs and ensure sustained growth, solidifying its place as a respected enterprise in this era of innovation.